Personal homepage of Chris Lopata provides gossip, pictures, a webcam, and news about his friends.






















This website site is a personal homepage by Chris Lopata that provides gossip, pictures,a webcam and news about his friends. Archival issues of The Loppy Letter are also available for your review. Gossip covers the lives and happenings of my pals. The pictures are an eclectic group of digital photos of friends as well as photographs from parties at my apartment in New York City or vacations that we have taken. The webcam is a freaky invention, but nonetheless captures a picture of my living room every few minutes. If you are really lucky, you can catch glimpses of Melrose or Maxine, the ever-dueling kitties, prowling around the apartment. The links page provides a place where you can visit the websites of people that I know, or in some cases, other websites that are pretty darn interesting. The archive contains issues from a few years ago, but be forewarned: although mildly amusing, some of the language sounds as if it was uttered in a dark alley in the cold of night. There is also an internal site search engine powered by Atomz. For the Mac users, a Sherlock plugin allows you to search The Loppy Letter from your desktop (as if). The site also includes a feedback page so that fans and foes may submit their comments, some of which are displayed for other visitors to read and enjoy. On a topical note, this site includes material and information about New York City, Washington, D.C., St. Louis Country Day School, Georgetown College, Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Georgetown University Law Center, and other locales. Enjoy.

For this most recent issue, we at The Loppy Letter have been working day and night to bring you an even better publication. "Not possible" you say? Well, then, perhaps you should check out the super freaky webcam or our incredibly sophisticated, incredibly new search engine. Or maybe you were just downright impressed by the URL. Feel free to explore by following the buttons in the navigation bar at the top of each page. Appease your appetite for gossip. Satisfy other longings with the picture page's eyecandy. If you are truly hungry for adventure, crawl through the depths of the archives. When you are done, check out feedback from other visitors and then let us know what you think.

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The preceding paragraphs are included because some search engines require text on the front page of the website. Seems like a silly rule to me because the real substance is within. But who am I to buck the system?

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